What to wear for kauai portraits

What to Wear for Beach Portraits

Probably the first thing on your mind after you’ve scheduled your Kauai beach portrait session is: “what do we wear?” In this blog post, I’ll provide some tips for looking your best.

5 Tips for What to Wear to Your Kauai Beach Portrait

1. Keep it Simple. Leave the striped clothing, shoes, fancy jewelry and glittery cosmetics at home. These are all distractions that interfere with your photo.

2. Keep it Comfortable. If you feel comfortable, then you will look comfortable in your beach portraits. Give your clothes a test run to make sure they fit properly, are temperature appropriate and are not see through.

3. Keep it Consistent. Clothing with harmonious hues and similar tonal ranges will look the most cohesive together. If one member of the group’s clothing is much lighter or darker than the rest, they will stand out and break the unity of the photo.

4. Keep it Classy but Casual. Dressing up will make the portrait look “nicer” but there is no need to match perfectly for your Kauai beach portrait. It will look more natural if there is some variation in the group, whether it is in color or texture of the fabric.

5. Keep it Secure. The wind will likely be blowing and your hair will fly around during your photo session. If you can wear your hair up, you may want to, if not, you may want extra hair spray. The humidity may also make your makeup run. Choose waterproof mascara and skip the moisturizers if possible.

Hopefully these tips help you plan your outfits for your next photoshoot. If you are still puzzling over what to wear, just wear white and khaki! That is a fail-safe beach picture combination. Other resources for beach portrait outfits are Pinterest and Google image search. And remember, if YOU like your outfits and feel good, then that’s the most important thing! Good luck!

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