As a Swell Photography client, you will be given access to your Kauai photographs in a password protected online gallery in which you can view, share, download and also directly order high-quality professional prints. We’ll also provide a print release to print them wherever you like at no additional charge. [Click Here for Print Release]

These prints are available with a variety of finish and mounting options. While you have the option to have your photos printed elsewhere, this option is provided in order to guarantee top-quality printing without hassle. It also allows me to oversee your orders and ensure that you are satisfied with the final product of my work.

Printing is done at a leading national lab in facilities on the mainland and shipped directly to you. Below are the print options and prices. To order prints, just log into your online gallery, select a photo and click “add to cart”. You’ll be given the option to crop or rotate your photos at check out. It’s really simple!

Name Finishes Price
8-up wallet (2.5″x3.5″) prints Lustre / Glossy $4.20
8-up wallet (2.5″x3.5″) prints (metallic) Metallic $5.20
3.5″x5″ print Lustre / Glossy $1.30
3.5″x5″ print (metallic) Metallic $1.60
4″x5″ print Lustre / Glossy $1.30
4″x5″ print (metallic) Metallic $1.60
4″x6″ print Lustre / Glossy $1.40
4″x6″ print (metallic) Metallic $1.80
4″x10″ panoramic print Lustre / Glossy $2.90
4″x10″ panoramic print (metallic) Metallic $3.40
5″x5″ print Lustre / Glossy $1.70
5″x5″ print (metallic) Metallic $2.40
5″x7″ print Lustre / Glossy $2.30
5″x7″ print (metallic) Metallic $2.80
5″x10″ panoramic print Lustre / Glossy $3.30
5″x10″ panoramic print (metallic) Metallic $3.90
5″x30″ panoramic print Lustre / Glossy $34.00
5″x30″ panoramic print (metallic) Metallic $41.00
7″x10″ print Lustre / Glossy $4.40
7″x10″ print (metallic) Metallic $5.20
8″x8″ print Lustre / Glossy $4.90
8″x8″ print (metallic) Metallic $5.90
8″x10″ print Lustre / Glossy $4.40
8″x10″ print (metallic) Metallic $5.20
8″x12″ print Lustre / Glossy $8.40
8″x12″ print (metallic) Metallic $10.00
9″x12″ print Lustre / Glossy $8.20
9″x12″ print (metallic) Metallic $10.00
10″x10″ print Lustre / Glossy $5.40
10″x10″ print (metallic) Metallic $7.60
10″x13″ print Lustre / Glossy $8.60
10″x13″ print (metallic) Metallic $10.30
10″x15″ print Lustre / Glossy $9.60
10″x15″ print (metallic) Metallic $10.40
10″x20″ panoramic print Lustre / Glossy $19.40
10″x20″ panoramic print (metallic) Metallic $23.00
10″x30″ panoramic print Lustre / Glossy $36.00
10″x30″ panoramic print (metallic) Metallic $44.40
11″x14″ print Lustre / Glossy $9.00
11″x14″ print (metallic) Metallic $11.60
11″x16″ print Lustre / Glossy $13.80
11″x16″ print (metallic) Metallic $16.60
12″x12″ print Lustre / Glossy $10.00
12″x12″ print (metallic) Metallic $11.00
12″x18″ print Lustre / Glossy $13.90
12″x18″ print (metallic) Metallic $16.60
12″x24″ panoramic print Lustre / Glossy $33.00
12″x24″ panoramic print (metallic) Metallic $38.00
15″x30″ panoramic print Lustre / Glossy $56.00
15″x30″ panoramic print (metallic) Metallic $67.00
16″x20″ print Lustre / Glossy $32.00
16″x20″ print (metallic) Metallic $38.00
16″x24″ print Lustre / Glossy $46.00
16″x24″ print (metallic) Metallic $56.00
20″x20″ print Lustre / Glossy $47.00
20″x20″ print (metallic) Metallic $57.00
20″x24″ print Lustre / Glossy $48.00
20″x24″ print (metallic) Metallic $57.00
20″x30″ print Lustre / Glossy $60.50
20″x30″ print (metallic) Metallic $72.00
24″x30″ print Lustre / Glossy $74.00
24″x30″ print (metallic) Metallic $89.00
24″x36″ print Lustre / Glossy $100.00
24″x36″ print (metallic) Metallic $120.00
30″x30″ print Lustre / Glossy $100.00
30″x30″ print (metallic) Metallic $120.00
30″x40″ print Lustre / Glossy $102.00
30″x40″ print (metallic) Metallic $122.00
30″x45″ print Lustre / Glossy $120.00
30″x45″ print (metallic) Metallic $142.00
Name Finishes Price
8″x10″ canvas print Canvas $70.00
8″x10″ velvet print Velvet $59.00
11″x14″ canvas print Canvas $90.00
11″x14″ velvet print Velvet $79.00
16″x20″ canvas print Canvas $130.00
16″x20″ velvet print Velvet $119.00
20″x24″ canvas print Canvas $150.00
20″x24″ velvet print Velvet $138.00
20″x30″ canvas print Canvas $190.00
20″x30″ velvet print Velvet $180.00
24″x30″ canvas print Canvas $214.00
24″x30″ velvet print Velvet $208.00
30″x40″ canvas print Canvas $263.00
30″x40″ velvet print Velvet $258.00
40″x60″ canvas print Canvas $323.00
40″x60″ velvet print Velvet $317.00
Name Finishes Price
5″x5″ gallery wrap (canvas) $100.00
5″x7″ gallery wrap (canvas) $100.00
5″x30″ gallery wrap (canvas) $160.00
6″x6″ gallery wrap (canvas) $100.00
8″x8″ gallery wrap (canvas) $104.00
8″x10″ gallery wrap (canvas) $104.00
10″x10″ gallery wrap (canvas) $112.00
10″x20″ gallery wrap (canvas) $150.00
10″x30″ gallery wrap (canvas) $190.00
11″x14″ gallery wrap (canvas) $131.00
12″x12″ gallery wrap (canvas) $129.00
12″x18″ gallery wrap (canvas) $154.00
14″x14″ gallery wrap (canvas) $150.00
14″x30″ gallery wrap (canvas) $210.00
16″x16″ gallery wrap (canvas) $166.00
16″x20″ gallery wrap (canvas) $186.00
16″x24″ gallery wrap (canvas) $204.00
16″x30″ gallery wrap (canvas) $218.00
20″x20″ gallery wrap (canvas) $205.00
20″x24″ gallery wrap (canvas) $217.00
20″x30″ gallery wrap (canvas) $234.00
20″x40″ gallery wrap (canvas) $264.00
24″x24″ gallery wrap (canvas) $232.00
24″x30″ gallery wrap (canvas) $252.50
24″x36″ gallery wrap (canvas) $270.00
30″x30″ gallery wrap (canvas) $274.00
30″x40″ gallery wrap (canvas) $315.00
36″x36″ gallery wrap (canvas) $326.00
40″x40″ gallery wrap (canvas) $365.00
40″x60″ gallery wrap (canvas) $465.00
Name Finishes Price
8″x8″ metal print $46.00
8″x10″ float wrap $52.00
8″x10″ metal print $50.00
8″x10″ standout $33.00
8″x12″ float wrap $64.00
8″x12″ metal print $60.00
8″x12″ standout $42.00
10″x10″ float wrap $61.00
10″x10″ metal print $66.00
10″x10″ standout $40.80
10″x20″ float wrap $98.00
10″x20″ metal print $98.00
10″x20″ standout $76.00
10″x30″ float wrap $170.00
11″x14″ float wrap $71.00
11″x14″ metal print $76.00
11″x14″ standout $50.00
12″x12″ float wrap $70.00
12″x12″ metal print $66.00
12″x12″ standout $49.00
12″x18″ float wrap $92.00
12″x18″ metal print $106.00
12″x18″ standout $64.00
12″x24″ metal print $120.00
15″x30″ float wrap $190.00
16″x16″ float wrap $108.00
16″x16″ metal print $120.00
16″x20″ float wrap $108.00
16″x20″ metal print $140.00
16″x20″ standout $86.00
16″x24″ float wrap $150.00
16″x24″ metal print $190.00
16″x24″ standout $130.00
20″x20″ float wrap $150.00
20″x20″ metal print $190.00
20″x20″ standout $130.00
20″x24″ float wrap $150.00
20″x24″ metal print $205.00
20″x24″ standout $130.00
20″x30″ float wrap $195.00
20″x30″ metal print $232.00
20″x30″ standout $170.00
24″x30″ standout $221.00
24″x36″ standout $267.00
30″x30″ standout $279.00
30″x40″ standout $292.00

Currently Custom Orders only. Contact for more info.

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