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Kauai Weather and Photography Sessions

If you are planning a session with a Kauai photographer, most likely you’ll want to be outdoors with the Garden Island’s beauty surrounding you! You may know that in Kauai, it does rain. When you look at the Kauai weather forecast, there is always going to be some chance of rain. The rain is heaviest on the North Shore and gets sunnier the further South and West you go. So, if it is raining in Hanalei, it could very well be sunny in Poipu. We also have more rain at certain times of the year. November – March will see more rainfall than the drier, warmer Kauai summer.

What does this mean for your Kauai photography session? While it does rain in Kauai, the rain does not last that long and is generally not a problem. I have rescheduled sessions during hurricanes and other stormy conditions, but the typical Kauai rain shower is likely to give you rainbows and not much of problem! In fact, overcast conditions have the most flattering light for portraits.

Here are some Kauai Webcams so you can view the conditions in real time:
Hanalei Bay Webcam
Poipu Beach Webcam

Kauai Tides

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