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Kauai Portrait Sessions for Families with Disabilities

Swell Photography works with families of all sizes, ages, abilities and disabilities in Kauai portrait sessions and weddings. I like to think that family portrait sessions are one of the BEST activities on the island for families with disabilities.

Depending on the type of disability a family member has, things I like to keep in mind are: how accessible the location is, how easy the terrain is, how crowded or stimulating the scene might be, access to shade and other comfort factors. Some of the locations you can park very close to where you will take photos, and others might require a bit of walk or downhill climb.

One of the great things about digital photography is that I can take so many photos! This comes in handy when I need to swap heads from one photo to another to get a cohesive portrait with all family members looking at the camera. Feel free to bring favorite music, take breaks, or whatever else will bring the most comfort to the family members that need it.

You may be nervous about how well the photos will turn out with your circumstances, but you just might be pleasantly surprised and glad you went ahead and did it.


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