kauai sunset silhouette

Best Time of Day for Kauai Portraits

Kauai photographers generally try to schedule the sessions within the 2 hours before sunset for evening sessions. Morning sessions are best before the sun is too far overhead. Morning sessions are best early, before the sun is too far overhead. Midday sun is harsh and can cast deep shadows, and in the summer, the beach can be hot from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. The “Golden Hour” of photography is the hour before the Kauai sunset or the hour after the sunrise. Other factors, such as available shade and the angle of the sun can also factor into the the timing of the session. If you’d like a later morning session, locations where the view is towards (or less than 90 degree angle to) the sun will work better during this time so that you don’t have the sun in your eyes! Locations on the Northshore, Southshore and Westside will generally offer great sunset views. The Eastside has softer light at sunset and more dramatic sunrises.

Click on the dates below to see when the sunrise and sunset happen for that day.

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